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Dr Stephanie Jordan has been my acupuncturist for over 2 years now. Being in the health and wellness field, finding someone that not only treated my symptoms, but me as a WHOLE being was my number one concern! I desired someone to be compassionate, caring and overall nurturing as a practitioner and all of those characteristics define Dr. Jordan. In every session, Stephanie would take her time with me to listen to my emotional and physical well being. Over a short period of time I suffered from severe acne, and for months I couldn’t get control over it. It was through Dr. Jordan’s knowledge and expertise that helped me to discover it was all emotional. I can’t thank her enough for being the natural healer that she is! I still, ’til this day visit her bi-weekly for maintenance on my health!

Melissa Blynn

Pursuant to an internet search for alternative treatments for a Morton’s neuroma foot ailment and based on a friend’s recommendation, I made my first appointment with Dr. Jordan. Her caring and compassionate manner made me feel at ease immediately (needles — egads!!), and we started on our journey to pain relief in my foot, as well as taking care of a few other complaints and aches along the way. After several months of treatments, my foot pain has substantially subsided with the neuroma now difficult to find. With continued treatment once every month or two, I am delighted to be able walk and play golf again relatively pain free (now if she could just do something about that golf swing!). Dr. Jordan has many methods of treatment available in her practice. When one method failed to achieve the results she wanted, a new method or a combination of methods was incorporated into the treatment regimen. Without reservation, I whole-heartedly recommend Dr. Jordan, and have done so to various family members and friends.

Saundra Vance

When I first found Dr. Stephanie, my back hurt so badly I needed help getting on her table. My back is now pain free!

Opal Ronemus