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Adrenal Stress and Burnout

Even prior to this pandemic and our fears surrounding COVID19, most of us have been under stress due to our lifestyles.  Especially in Las Vegas, we tend to work hard and play hard.  No matter whether the trigger is a happy one like a wedding or party OR a sad one like an accident or a death, it takes a similar toll on the body.  The part of the body that gets most stressed out are the adrenal glands.  You’ve probably heard the terms “adrenal exhaustion” or “high cortisol” but perhaps not known exactly what that meant.

So what really causes this?

  • Emotional stress: grief & loss are major, issues around work and relationships, even someone cutting us off in traffic.
  • Dietary stress: dieting and not being able to lose weight, eating too much sugar and too many carbs, food sensitivities, lack of exercise
  • Pain & hidden inflammation: usually issues with our gut. Difficulties with digestion, hidden pathogens that cause all kinds of tummy symptoms.  Body pain.

Here are some of the symptoms of adrenal fatigue:

  • Insomnia
  • Excessive Fatigue
  • Hair loss/dry skin
  • Anxiety/depression/irritability
  • Food cravings, especially sweets/food allergies
  • Lower sex drive
  • Foggy thinking, difficulty concentrating/poor memory
  • Low energy/lightheaded if you skip meals
  • More frequent physical complaints: achiness, colds, etc.

Finding the underlying cause of these symptoms is most critical.

Treating this condition is not about taking western medications.

It is about using supplementation to help the brain start producing the natural hormones naturally again.  The goal is to get off the supplements when the brain starts its natural production, and to replace them with lifestyle changes.

Lifestyle changes have to do with

  • healthy diet
  • good sleep
  • exercise
  • stress reduction or meditation.

Of course, these are things we all aspire to but find so difficult to embody.

WHOLE BODY HEALTH can assist you in this regard.   Call the office for a free 15” consultation and find out how to get started.