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Dr. Stephanie Jordan Jul 26, 2013

Have you ever noticed that when you’re going to be away from home for a long time that there are a zillion things that need to be done NOW. Car registration is due, business license is due, business listing with the secretary of state, just to name a few. When someone stays at your house, you need lists of what the dogs need, what the plants need, what the pond needs, trash day, How to let the housekeeper in how to work the alarm.

Before leaving, I discovered I had two pieces of paper giving me two different times to leave Las Vegas on the day of departure. My mind started to spin as I thought about notifying everybody to check and make sure they are all on the correct flight. A friend called from San Francisco who flew in the night before. She thought her flight left at 10:30. I can’t imagine the nightmare it would be if someone went to the airport and discovered the flight already left.

So I understand all of this to be just another test of the universe to find out how committed we really are to this discovery of our real nature. Are we are flexible enough to handle the unexpected changes that can occur so randomly? Can we avoid feeling frustrated when things don’t go according to plan? Can we laugh at ourselves when we recognize how caught up in trivia we can become? Our ancestors had to deal with life threatening events that occurred in their lives. Surely our generation can pick up the telephone and straighten out a few little administrative snafus with a little humor.
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