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Hi Everybody, I’m Dr. Stephanie of Whole Body Health, acupuncturist and functional medicine practitioner. My mission is to help people be in charge of their own health and wellness by using lifestyle changes instead of taking drugs to deal with their symptoms.

The other day I listened to Julia Louis-Dreyfus interview Isabel Allende. What an amazing interview of this 80 year old literary icon. At one point Julia was asking her what she wanted people to know about being 80 yrs old. Isabel said that you have to have good health—that you have to prepare for it. You can’t start being healthy at 80. Its important to pay attention to the way you live, the way you think, what you eat, your relationships. All the life style changes we talk about including exercising and meditating—Being healthy at 80 happens because of all the life style changes that we now know are critical to good health. So if you haven’t yet gotten off of sugary cereals, processed foods, found the hidden sugar in your diet, paid attention to foods that cause inflammation, NOW is a good time to start. Write down in your calendar, time in your day to stretch, to walk, or other physical activity. It IS really hard to change our habits, but today is the day to start being more conscious of changing these behaviors one day at a time. If This topic is interesting to you and you want more information you can email me – or call and leave me a message at 702 382-8484 and I promise to get back to you!