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Sleep and Health
Dr. Stephanie Jordan Oct 12, 2020

Sleep is one of the most important factors in developing and maintaining good health.


How tired are you when you lay down to go to sleep?

Are you still wired from the day?

Do you wake up consistently throughout the night?

Do you wake up around the same time every night?

Do you have night sweats?

Do you wake up several hours before your alarm goes off?  Do you stay awake?


Functional Medicine teaches us about our cortisol rhythm which is one of the main factors in our ability to sleep well.  A healthy biorhythm clock has cortisol highest when we wake up and lowest when we go to bed which is when our melatonin is supposed to kick in which help us to sleep well.


At Whole Body Health, either in person or with telehealth and virtual visits, we can provide you with salivary adrenal Lab tests that tell us the about the rhythm of your cortisol throughout the day and also gives us a measure of your DHEA.  This will help determine the right amount of hormones and herbal supplements that will help get you back on track.