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TeleHealth Appointments:  A Functional Medicine Model
Dr. Stephanie Jordan Oct 27, 2020

Are you worried about going to a doctor’s office? So are a lot of other people who want to get and stay healthy but are concerned about the spread of COVID19.  I completely understand.    It seems we can’t get enough information that helps us to feel safe as we try to navigate this pandemic and the health care system.


At Whole Body Health, our telehealth program helps you examine your health concerns.  We offer salivary and urine lab tests that give specific information as to your unique biomarkers. Programs are created to meet your individual needs based on the levels of these biomarkers.  We can do this virtually without you ever having to step into our office or go to a blood laboratory.  All lab tests are done in the comfort of your home with easy, understandable directions.


Here’s how it works.  Call or email the office to receive an extensive questionnaire which will provide the necessary information about your health.  Set up a telehealth functional medicine appointment to go over your health questionnaire. We will determine what labs would be helpful for your situation.  You will receive the salivary and/or urine lab test in your home.  After doing the test(s) you will mail it(them) directly back to the lab and the results will be sent to the office.   We will then set up another telehealth functional medicine appointment to go over test results and decide on a treatment plan.


Supplements are delivered to your door.


Functional Medicine GOALS: Identify your health concerns.  Accurately determine and analyze laboratory test results.  Heal with the use of important LIFESTYLE changes and supplements directly related to your lab results.


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